Challenge - 30 days

20. 🎁🎁☯️☯️🙏🙏Dreams

girl-843076_960_720.jpgSometimes it’s hard to believe in our dreams.

Why don’t we get dreams right now? Our soul tells us that it’s not yet the right time.
Why? We are not ready for realization.

It doesn’t matter how much people wanted or dreamed. They just have to wait for the right time. They don’t need to hurry. Just breathe. Step by step.

We all know what we are dreaming about. On the way, we will find out which knowledge we need. We have to learn something. What is it? We’ll find out at the right time.

If we don’t see the answer now we need to sit down and figure out.

The Universe is played with Rubik’s cube. It’s our life, just a mosaic. Mosaic, which we can not see at the beginning.

Only at the end of one stage, we understand why something happened. Why is beginning so important for us? In the beginning, we just notice the information in our brain.

Why? It’s simply because that information is able to use us later. We just collect data and we need to enjoy it. We finish everything at the moment, but we travel for days, months, years.

Make this trip as beautiful as possible.🎁🎁☯️☯️🙏🙏


Challenge - 30 days

19. 🌱🌱🌳🌳🍃🍃🍂🍂🌷🌷🌹🌹🥀🥀FRIENDS AND FAMILY

girls-1209321_960_720.jpgParents learn children the belief that they can not survive without other people. Children talk and connect with other people to build relationships.

People usually believe your friends and family. When it’s hard for them, they call friend/family or just knock on the door. They need to share their emotions with dear people.

We choose friends through our lives, the family chooses us. It is expected that friends can leave us, so we are more careful with them. We share the beautiful news with friends. When we have a sad news, we do not say everything our friends.

We are sometimes harsh with our family because we believe that they will always be there. Even if we get into a conflict, we know that we will have to meet at some family parties. If we lose friends, we think we will never see them again.

We take care of them more. Nothing is difficult to do for them. The family gets our trust immediately, but it can be lost in years. Friends need to fight for our trust.

It’s the best when friends become part of the family.🌱🌱🌳🌳🍃🍃🍂🍂🌷🌷🌹🌹🥀🥀


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18. 🗝️🗝️☯️☯️🙏🙏The home and the world

writing-2317766_960_720.jpgPeople often find their way into the world after all the doors are closed at home.

They know that have nothing to ask for, they do not belong there.  It’s time to find their way somewhere else. Only they can do it. They open an unknown door. That unknown door takes them to the next door etc. They come to the place where have always been.

Why not do it earlier? Probably it wasn’t the right time. They should first go through disappointment, sadness and tears. That was the way to find the courage and make the first step.


Then everything goes wonderfully.
They know that don’t have to go back. Their lesson is over. It’s time to move on to the future…*:) 🗝️🗝️☯️☯️🙏🙏

Challenge - 30 days

17.🌿🌿🌸🌸🍀🍀🌷🌷🍃🍃🌺🌺🌳🌳The Diary

These books and notebooks hide many secrets. The people write your thought at night when they can’t sleep because try to understand of life.

In the diary is registered, everything that the people don’t have the courage to say to someone else. They write and look the pen, ink, lines. The words are being created.

Why don’t we see the answers? One man said and was right. The answer we don’t know, only when we don’t know the question. At the moment we ask the right question, we get the right answer.

It isn’t always easy to find the right questions. It’s hard to ask and harder to answer.

Life is a research journey. The answers are everywhere, ideas are everywhere, love is around us, peace in us.

Enjoy this day and write down your thoughts. Then show them to dear people. Sit together, read together, laugh and rejoice at the new sunset, the night and the new sunrise…*:)





trout-2900325_960_720.jpgJoš prije par dana sam razmišljala o tome šta danas pisati. I ideja je bila da pišem o ribljim i morskim specijalitetima.
No, kad krenuh danas da tražim dublje o temama, nadjoh samo recepte ili objašnjenja u okviru drugih kuhinja.

No, to nekako nije bilo ono što sam željela reći, tako da sam odlučila sljedeće, da vas povedem u restoran gdje se kuvaju riblji i morski specijaliteti iz cijelog svijeta.

Zašto baš riblji specijalitet? Zato što me riba dijeli od ideje da budem vegeterijanac. Nekako se ribe ne mogu odreći i trudim se da je često jedem. Vjerovatno je u sklopu toga i uvjerenje, kako je riba zdrava, ali znate šta još? Kad je u pitanju hrana, mogu da jedem samo onu hranu za koju ne osjećam “krivicu” tokom pripremanja ili što bih bila spremna da ulovim u prirodi.

I još me je nešto kopkalo čak od šestog Osnovne, pa se to provlačilo i na fakultetu, a to je pitanje, zašto ribu odvajaju od životinja, što kroz svjetovni, što kroz crkveni zakon – dozvola da se (u pojedinim danima) tokom posta smije jesti riba. Pronađoh neki dan potvrde/odgovore na ta pitanja.

A kad su morski plodovi u pitanju, nisam se makla dalje od lignje i kozica. S jedne strane bih voljela da probam i druge specijalitete, ali opet dolazimo do ideje biljni i životinjski svijet.

No, da se mi vratimo na kuhinju. Zamislite da smo negdje na Mediteranu, sjedimo u restoranu, već je pala noć, neka lagana muzika svira, imate laganiju – ljetnu odjeću (ne bunde, koje su nam neophodne ovih dana) i ispred vas donose tanjire sa današnjim specijalitetima. Zamislite to bogastvo okusa, te boje, pa salata je tu, pa se agrumi umješali u dekoraciju vašeg jela. Raj za oči, njuh i nepce… Tu je naravno i vino.


Osjećate da nigdje ne morate žuriti, uživate u ovom trenutku. I to je ono najljepše…*:)


Challenge - 30 days

16. 📼💻📚📚🖋️🖋️Writing

books-2158737_960_720Everything in life has the right time. I learned this by writing the first book of a monograph.
For two years I’ve been trying to write a book that will be translated into Italian. I have never written a monograph before. That book was a big challenge for me from the start. I was happy and accepted it.

But, we found insufficiently material for the book … and my volition disappeared.
Honestly, I did not feel ready to write this book.

But a few months ago I made a decision. I found the literature, my determination came back. I wrote the most part of the book. However, I always retracted with typing of the interviews. And this morning I stood up with a decision.

I’m going to finish it.

I listened to the interview for six hours without break and left a little part for tomorrow morning because my concentration is disappeared. Those stories are phenomenal.

I sit and watch. So, that’s really it.
You’re grown up to write it now.

Do you know what that means..?  Yes, you know. Everything will be resolved.


Challenge - 30 days

15. 💜💜💚💚💧💧You hide me in your hug…

photo-1514480100661-33506ca03fe7The temperature has fallen. It’s cold again. The cold night is ahead. I watch through the window. You sit on the bed. Allow me to snuggle in your hug, to warm up. You smile me gently and spread out your arms.

In the next moment, I don’t think about something … I just listen, how you breathe peacefully. You are calm and sure, it’s all in right place. I’m looking at the aromatic candle, to the top of the flame, thinking about the meditation exercise.

Yes, indeed it is true. Sometimes we’ll feel the heat if we just look in the light. We don’t even have to touch it.

Your fingers run through my hair, we enjoy this moment. We know that everything just starts. Safe in the Universe, Love, Us. Your other hand is in my hand, I play with your fingers and rings. I touch your tattoo.

How many time has passed! It looks like it was yesterday.